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Game Impact Jam 2018

  • Start Date

    28 Jun, 2018

  • End Date

    28 Jun, 2018

  • Speakers

  • Location

Game Impact Jam 2018 aims to bring together game developers of Pakistan to learn, share, collaborate and create games all in just 2 days!.

The goal of the Game Jam is for the participants to create a game from scratch, related to a theme revealed at the start of the event, within a prescribed maximum time of 48 hours. The participants can make the game individually or by forming a team of 2 or more participants. The brief time span encourages creative thinking and innovation, as participants rapidly prototype game designs. Such collaborative experiences can help inject new ideas to help grow the game industry, while creating awareness about the selected topic or theme of the jam.

Prizes will be awarded to the teams that create the best games during the game jam, judged by a panel on the basis of game design, idea, creativity, presentation and gameplay.

GIJ will be attended by hundreds of game makers who are actively seeking software and technologies for game development and looking out for companies that support their love of games.

The target audience of the game jam includes:

  • Participants making games
  • Independent game developers
  • Game Studios
  • Game Publishers
  • Investors
  • Professional artists, designers, audio technicians, and allied practitioners