Sadia Bashir

Sadia Bashir

Founder Pixel Art Academy
Sadia Bashir is the founder of PixelArt Games Academy (PGA), which is Pakistan’s first games academy. She has done bachelors and MS in computer science and has done research about Game Development Practices in Industry during her Masters research. She has been working in the game industry for past 8 years and has started PixelArt Games Academy about 2 years ago. PGA is a training academy that teach game development, design and production, art and animation through collaborative learning experience. She has also established a GameLab at PGA to help developers to design & Implement creative ideas. She has been listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise technology 2018 and recognised as a Global Gaming Citizen at The Game Awards 2018 by Facebook Gaming.

About Sadia :

History of Talks/Seminars and Training:

  1. The process of Making Video Games, Where to start. American University, Washington DC.
  2. Indie Soapbox: Game Developers Confrence 2017, San Francisco.
  3. Animation and Games, University of Gujrat, Mandibahalwdin.
  4. Art Appreciation Seminar at Foundation University Islamabad.
  5. Games Industry: how to start a career in Game Development. NUST, EME, Islamabad.
  6. The Potential of Video Games in Pakistan. Speaker TEDx Zabist, Karachi.
  7. How to start with Game Industry, Panel Speaker at Games Emerge Conference, Islamabad
  8. Game Development Process for Indies, Speaker at Games Emerge Conference, Islamabad.
  9. US Embassy, Supply Chain Diversity initiative, US Embassy Islamabad
  10. Game Design Workshop, Games Emerge Conference, Islamabad.
  11. How to start your business with Bootstrapping, Women Can Do – II Conference, Islamabad
  12. ‘ 0 : 1, Game of Life’ at Creative Morning, NIC, Islamabad.
  13. Game Design Workshop with Ian Schriber at Games Emerge Conference 2018, Islamabad.


Masters of Science in Computer Science
Majors (Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Production processes for Video Games)
Dissertation titled “Contemporary practices of Video Game Development in Industry"

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
Final Project: A New Life: an FPS game for Cancer Patients in Unreal Engine

Current Initiatives by Sadia Bashir

PixelArt Games Academy
PixelArt Games Academy is Pakistan’s first academy for video game development, which provides trainings through collaborative learning experience, which not only teaches technical skills but also teach them 21st century skills like creativity, team management, communication, project management and leadership. Collaborative learning methodology enables students and professionals to design and build their creative ideas from scratch to final production.
Games Emerge Conference
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Games Emerge Conference
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