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Game Design and production Specialization in Gamification

Posted on 27 Jun, 2018


36 Classes - 3 Months


Game Design, Professional

Game Designing is one of the crucial element of the video games development process. Games aren't just about ideas, stories and worlds. They are also interactive systems that players experience. What does it mean to develop gameplay or game systems? The ability to "find the fun" in gameplay design is critical to being a successful designer. This course will introduces you to the process of designing gameplay experiences and then how those components can be leveraged in the process of games production.

Pre- Requisites & Target Audience :

  • - Game Developer who wants to create their own games
  • - Creative individuals, dreamers
  • - Product Managers and Product Marketers
  • - Marketing Strategists, CMOs
  • - Heads of Technology/CIO/CTO
  • - Startup Founders
  • - UI/UX Experts
  • This course do not Require any prior experience or skills

What Will You Learn?

  • Principles of Game Design
  • How to create a "High Concept" document
  • Hoe to design a game idea using the "Design | Play | Experience" (DPE) model
  • What is your role as game designer.
  • What game worlds you want to create as well as the kinds of stories you would like to tell through games.
  • What it means to "balance" a game or move from an idea to something playable by users.
  • How to prototype a game idea, take feedback and iterate it.
  • What is the components of three-act structure in narrative development
  • How to identify story structure and themes of rising action
  • How to consolidate our ideas into more formalized stories specifically for pushing them towards a game design.
  • The foundations of the Gamification
  • How gamification will transform your industry
  • The Science of Engagement
  • How does gamification differ in design?
  • How to create and maintain a Game Design Document (GDD)


Sadia Bashir

C.E.O / Founder PixelArt Games Academy

Haider Ali Shishmahal

Director PixelArt Games Academy


Day Timings Description
Tuesday TBD Study Class
Thursday TBD Study Class
Friday TBD Collaboration


Fee Details:

  • Course Fee = 50,000 PKR

Need-Based Financial Assistance is available for deserving applicants.

The fee can be paid in installments. Terms and Conditions Applied

*Course Fee is non-refundable.

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