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Game Design 101 - Workshop

Posted on 08 Apr, 2020


2 hrs


Game Design

We all love playing games but what is a game? What are the basic elements? How do designers create an experience for the player? What about prototyping and iterating? How games become so immersive? Participants will be introduced to game design and game design concepts, emphasizing the basic tools of game design: paper prototyping, design iteration, and user testing. The audience for this Workshop includes current and aspiring game designers and those interested in delving deeply into the game creation process.

Pre- Requisites & Target Audience :

  • - Game Developer who wants to create their own games
  • - Creative individuals, dreamers
  • This course do not Require any prior experience or skills

What Will You Learn?

  • How to design a "game," through an iterative process and incorporating different concepts and perspectives.
  • How to analyze the mechanics of paper and digital games, considering how these mechanics affect game-play and player experiences.
  • How to design, develop, and test paper and digital prototype games using an iterative design process and incorporating user feedback.


  • 1 Lectures
  • 2hrs
  • Talk + Hands on workshop


Sadia Bashir

C.E.O / Founder PixelArt Games Academy


Date: 19th April 2020

Day Timings
Tuesday 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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Live Online Workshop
Free/Full Session
  • Workshop Certificate
  • Collaborative Learning Experience
  • Online Communication with Trainers
  • Hands-on Group Projects