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Pakistan Games Showcase Awards 2018

  • Start Date

    17 Nov, 2018

  • End Date

    18 Nov, 2018

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Pakistan Games Showcase

Pakistan Game Showcase is a first of its kind event happening in Pakistan. An exhibition of the finest and most entertaining games created by Pakistani game developers. The Games Showcase is a platform where local game developers can showcase their creations and reach out to potential investors, publishers, mentors and other members of the games industry. It can vastly increase the reach and network of the creator and open their product up for much required feedback, especially if it is still in the pre-release stages. The Pakistan Games Showcase will take place alongside Games Emerge Conference, on the 17th and 18th November, 2018. The show will start with the announcement of participating games. For 2 days the attendees of GEC will be able to play the games on the showcase. The creators will have a chance to show off their most fun features and designs. A Panel of Judges announced will make rounds playing each game and scoring them based on a criterion. At the end of the second day, a closing ceremony will take place where the Judges will announce the top 3 winners.
Submission for Pakistan Game Showcase
Who Is Eligible?

The event is open to all game developers, local or international. International applicants will have to pay their own travel expenses.

What is the Entry Fee?

Willing entrants must fill out the submission form and pay an Entry fee of Rs. 16,000. They will be a specialized package described below.

What is part of the package?

A table space with access to power outlets and Wifi internet.
2 All Access Passes to GEC for the team representatives.
15% Discount on any additional pass purchased by the team/company for their employees

What the applicants must bring themselves.

Applicants must bring their own equipment computers, consoles or any other hardware &/or software) required to showcase their game.
Must bring their own their own marketing material, which includes posters, brochures, badges, shirts or any other merchandise of their game.

Final Submission Date?

7th October, 2018

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