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Career advice and Mentoring session with Asema Hassan

Posted on 22 Apr, 2020


2 hrs


Game Development, Career Counseling

Asema is a Software Engineer and an AI enthusiast. She started her career back in 2012 as a Software Engineer from Islamabad, Pakistan working on Educational Games. In 2015, she moved to Germany to further explore the industry and started working as a VR Programmer in DZNE-Magdeburg developing VR Simulation/Serious Games. Currently, she is a Software Engineer (VR) and also responsible to manage a small development team. Asema holds a double Masters in Computer Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence in video games specifically multi-agent systems. She has also been actively involved in volunteering at various Game Conferences in Europe and also co-founded IGDA chapter in Aug 2018 for the gaming community in Pakistan. She believes in women empowerment in the tech and games industry and to help grow the community she is currently leading a PWiC Berlin Chapter, where she has organized various events in Magdeburg and Berlin Area with her team. In 2020, she has also become an ambassador of Women techmakers (WTM) and Women in Games (WiGJ).

● Occupation: Software Engineer (VR) at DZNE, Magdeburg Germany
● Facebook: @AsemaHassanKhan
● Twitter: @AsemaHassan
● LinkedIn: AsemaHassan
● Website:

Guidance and Mentoring for:

  • Getting into the games/gamified VR industry.
  • Experience of working in Pakistan and Germany.
  • Importance of Portfolio.
  • Importance of Communication skills.
  • What industry is looking for in a candidate?
  • How important is your technical degree and/or skills?
  • Community building and networking: How it helps and boost your profile?


Date: 25th April 2020

Day Timings
Tuesday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


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