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3D Modelling with 3DS Max

Posted on 27 Jun, 2018


12 Lectures - 1 Month


Art and Animation, Beginners

Master the art of 3D modelling just in few weeks. Take your first step to enter the 3D computer graphic world with this carefully designed course. Learn how to get around the 3DS Max interface and customize it to suit your preferences. Discover how to model different objects using splines, polygons, subdivision surfaces, and freeform sculpting. Then, learn to construct hierarchies, add cameras and lights, and animate with keyframes. Take an in-depth look at materials and texture mapping, as well as options for rendering engines and lighting. After taking the course , You will be able to model your own styled art for your games or animations.

Pre- Requisites & Target Audience

- Design professionals who want to learn 3D.
- Sketch-Up users looking to advance their skill set.
- Anyone with a vague interest in 3D.
- Gamers who want to learn to model their own game assets (especially architectural ones) in 3Ds Max.
- This course require a laptop with 64 bit Windows operating system and basic computer knowledge.
- Do not require any prior experience and skills

What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamental stuff in 3DS MAX such as the UI transformation
  • Object creation and manipulation
  • Different 3D modelling techniques from primitive object
  • Polygon based modelling
  • Spline based modelling
  • Use subdivision or NURMS for modelling
  • Camera handling
  • Creating materials and texturing
  • Lighting and rendering


Sadia Bashir

C.E.O / Founder PixelArt Games Academy


Dates: From 20th July 2018 to 20th August 2018

Day Timings Description
Monday 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Study Class
Wednesday 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Study Class


Fee Details :

  • Course Fee = 15,000 PKR

Course Fee is non-refundable.

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