Game Lab


PGA’s GameLab is built to provide a collaborative medium for talented artists, animators, programmers, publishers and marketing personal, in order to turn their ideas into a reality. GameLab provides help with resources, mentorship, team collaboration, and project management, to bring innovative ideas and experimental designs. GameLab members develop for the international market and maintain the quality as per international standards.

GameLab works with industry partners to build powerful innovations that will help advance the knowledge of the field. The goal of the lab is to produce powerful design mechanics and produce high quality digital solutions in following domains;


Quality Assurance
Get high-quality software testing services to support your entire test life cycle. We work with your budget & timeline to deliver a best-fit solution for your business & IT organization
Game Development
Making games for behavioral change, learning, and social impact using immersive technologies.
Art & Animation

Our Work

Shahkari is a turned-based strategic puzzle game about a boy who lost his rabbits on an island and he must find them before night, in order to keep them safe.
Travel Dost
Travel Dost is a Gamification of tourism, which works as a travel companion. It helps the user explore around with location-based content in AR.
Socialite - Board Game
A Game to rise to the top in your social circle. Throw events and invite friends to parties and get fame in socialite. The First Prototype of the game is coming soon for pre-order.
For young mothers and babies. A learning-based game for young mothers to learn taking care of their young babies. Game content designed with the WHO guidelines.