Game Lab


The digital game industry places a premium on technological innovation, but the cost of technological innovation can be prohibitive. Developing companies and independent developers lack the scale to invest in infrastructure and the resources to invest in research and development.

PGA’s GameLab is built to provide a collaborative medium for talented artists, animators, programmers, publishers and marketing personal, in order to turn their ideas into a reality. GameLab provides help with resources, mentorship, team collaboration, and project management, to bring innovative ideas and experimental designs. GameLab members develop for the international market and maintain the quality as per international standards.

GameLab works with industry partners to build powerful innovations that will help advance the knowledge of the field. The goal of the lab is to produce powerful design mechanics and produce high quality digital content in following domains;

– Educational Games

– Social Impact Games

– Experimental Games / Gamification

– AR & Mixed Reality

– Animation & Digital Content Designing

Production and Development Practices

The development practices at game lab are centered around collaborative learning. Every academic semester at PGA, all students enrolled in advanced courses must work together on a single game project. The process of development is based on the same theory that students learn in their class. This practice helps build skills in students that are needed in a multi-disciplinary industry, such as the games industry.

The game lab also employs the same practice for a more mature development process, which is used for the development of games for the game’s market.

Our Products

Shahkari is a turned-based strategic puzzle game in which a boy lost his rabbits on an island, must catch rabbits in order to keep them safe.
Travel Dost
Travel Dost is a Gamification of tourism, which works as a travel companion. It helps the user explore around with location-based gamification content in Augmented reality.
Digital Learning Application
Gamified learning application for organizational learning & Development
Mobile App with Backend Web Portal. This app will send your location and message to the security control room via text, email.
Guards Management mobile application with Backend Web portal. This app includes surveys, live locations of guards & supervisors. Generate automatic reports and live view of all connected devices

Our Team

Javeria Ali

Visual Artist (2D)

Sadia Bashir

C.E.O / Founder PixelArt Games Academy

Anjum Shakeel

Game Developer

Aamir Arslan

Game Designer

Usman Ali

Jr. Game Developer

Ammar Ali

Game Designer

Mahrukh Talat

Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Mujtaba Kiani

Senior Game Developer

Uzair Hassan

Front-End App Developer

Mansoor Qazi

2D Animator