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PGA aims to provide training and education for Video Game Development, Design & Production, Art and Animation. We are also working for community development, R&D for new technologies, capacity building, local industry collaboration, international industry exposure & visibility for local game developers. We are also addressing the significant gender gap in the game industry by maintaining 33% ratio of females in our programs..

About us

Who We Are

We are Islamabad based Academy that provides a collaborative learning experience in game design & production, game programming, digital art & animation, all led by local and international industry professionals. We provide online and onsite classes, both. We provide a collaborative learning experience in game design & production, game programming, digital art & animation. Our programs are led by industry experts and carefully designed to provide both technical and soft skills like communication, project management, presentation skills ,etc.

About PixelArt Games Academy:

Digital skills are the future of today’s world, and we are in a dire need of adding skill sets and welcoming bigger tech industries in Pakistan. The game industry is rapidly growing, it’s bringing newer technologies like robotics, VR & mixed reality into education, medicine, architecture, automotive and more. It can play an important role in promoting our culture, art and creative ideas on a global scale. As much as we can get benefited economically benefited by progressing in this industry, the growth of our industry in Pakistan has halted by the lack of innovation and knowledge for creating engaging interactive content.

PGA with its training spaces, external programs, and game lab, is bridging the gap between academia and the industry, we conduct training, courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences, all across Pakistan. The academy is building the right environment for innovators by providing collaborative learning experiences which not only teach technical skills and also offer the 21st-century skills like communication, leadership, public speaking and ability to build complete products independently with diverse teams. Our scope includes community development, R&D for new technologies, talent development, local industry collaboration, international industry exposure & visibility. We also host monthly game developer’s meet-up for community development.

Research & development of new methods and implementation will play an important role in the growth of the domestic game industry. Many international organizations are already working on a cross-industry implementation of video games in education, defense, medicines, and awareness of social issues. PGA features a yearly conference, the Games Emerge conference, the only conference in Pakistan which focuses on the development of the game industry. This conference brings together speakers from around the world to teach and train with latest tools, technologies, methodologies, and design techniques which are common in other parts of the world. PGA also organizes a yearly Impact Jam, a hackathon to make games on social issues. While the local market lags behind at the sound and up-to-date knowledge of new technologies, PGA with its collaboration with international partners and organizations provides training with a carefully designed curriculum which will help us to prepare our talent for the future.

PGA is currently the only player focused on the teaching of game development as a speciality. Even if there is a new entrant in the future, our advantage is in having experienced industry professionals as trainers, & most importantly bringing in international mentors for all subjects/fields.

Our Advisory Board

PGA has diverse set of advisory board members, who are well respected international game developers.

Javeria Ali

Visual Artist (2D)

Saif Toon

Concept Artist, 3rd World Studio

Amy Claussen

Game Designer, Anki USA

Kevin Levine

Founder of Irrational Games

Brie Code

Founder Tru Luv Media

Rami Ismail

Co-Founder of Vlambeer

Sadia Bashir

C.E.O / Founder PixelArt Games Academy

Umair Hameed Bhatti

Senior Game Developer, Galaxyz

Haider Ali Shishmahal

Producer Cyberjack Studios

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