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2D Visual Art and Animation

Posted on 27 Jun, 2018


36 Classes - 3 Months


Visual Art, Animation, Professionals

Whether you plan to work in the film/animation, video game, or any other creative industry, visual development production stage where creativity, and teamwork come together to lay the visual foundation of your project. Visual development artists create the mood, tone, and color palette of every piece required for their project. This can include environments, characters, clothing, props, etc, to help develop an engaging believable experience for viewers. This course is designed to provide in depth knowledge of 2D Visual Art and Animation to help students Student to pursue their career as a digital artist in the game industry, or film/animation industry. The major goal is for students to develop the aesthetic sense, and a keen eye for color and composition that is needed for art and animation work in games or the film industry.

Pre- Requisites & Target Audience :

- People who want to work as 2D artists or animators in the industry
- People who want to make art for their own games
- This course requires basic-intermediate drawing skills (traditional or digital) and basic knowledge of Photoshop.
- This course require a drawing tablet (preferably Wacom), and a Laptop which can run Photoshop/Illustrator CS6.
- Open for everyone with any education level with basic knowledge of traditional drawing & sketching
- People with no prior knowledge of drawing & Sketching can take prerequisite course of Digital Drawing and Painting

What Will You learn?

  • Psychology of colors, and application of color theory
  • Techniques of Composition, Staging, Perspective, Camera angle and movement
  • Lighting and Value Studies
  • Visual Communication and visual literacy
  • Think creatively and solve visual problems and express ideas in visual form
  • Character and Environment design
  • Gesture drawing and storyboarding
  • Animation basics and animation software usage


  • 36 Lectures
  • 84- 90 Hours
  • Learning about visual design principles, psychology of shapes and viewer eye movements, visual elements and how to communicate a focused message to a target audience.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Pre-Production, Drawing Lessions
    2D Design – Perspective, Media Production Photoshop/Illustrator
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Learning basic composition techniques in line with photography compositional methods as a basic step in setting up the foundations of a concept art.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Continuing to build on composition basics: learning how to stage visual elements to create a meaningful composition by understanding character interactions and manipulating environment asset placements.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Further building on composition: Learning how to analyze reference images to group visual elements into basic values to enhance composition of environments. Understanding of value, depth perception and light interaction with environment and characters.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Learning basics of 1-point and 2-point perspective and how to use perspective guides to draw eye movement, correct environment and character proportions.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Learning the psychology of colors, color wheel, color harmonies and its application for the purpose of either graphic design element’s for games, environment or character design.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Combining knowledge of composition and colors, in this module students will learn to create a storyboard, its initial sketching, planning and producing final sequential panels.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Learning to use software such as adobe animate and after effects to set up a project file, animate character movements, shot selection, camera movement and story flow.
    Multiple Classes & Collaboration
  • Students will work together to design their own Project ;

    Students must have to complete one collaboration project with other students among their batch. They are required to build complete project from an idea to design and complete project in collaboration with other team members of different disciplines. During the course they will also learn Team management, communication skills, finance and Project Management. Every student contributes their expertise into the project and learn new skills which helps students to work on their independent projects and manage work professionally

    Project Development

Trainers :

Javeria Ali

Visual Artist (2D)

Mansoor Qazi

2D Animator

Schedule :

Day Timings Description
Tuesday TBD Study Class
Thursday TBD Study Class
Friday TBD Collaboration

Fee Details :

  • Course Fee = 50,000 PKR

Need Based Financial Assistance is available for deserving applicants.

*Fee can be paid in installments. Terms and Conditions Applied.

*Course Fee is non-refundable.

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